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Our faith teaches us that big change often comes from small beginnings and at Project Possible we believe the ‘fullness of life’ that Jesus promised is there for everyone. Our vision for those we support is for their future to be more hope-filled than their past.

In the 30+ years we’ve been working in overlooked communities around the world, we have noticed something: the people there may have had a tough start to life, but they are not lost, helpless or stationary. In fact, they are brimming with ideas and possibilities to make life better. They just need a spark to get started – someone to back them. That’s what Project Possible is all about – opening the door of possibility for people to look after themselves and their families. We believe big change comes from small beginnings – it just needs a spark!

Our approach to tackling the big issue of poverty is small and personal, focusing on changing lives for the long term. The projects we support are bite-sized and achievable, where we know everyone by name and we can see the impact when the project is done. We want our supporters to be able to choose which project to support, we honour that choice and know many of our supporters by name too.

We operate two types of projects –Next Generation Projects and Spark Projects. Next Generation Projects are hands-on, early-stage, nurturing programmes of support helping those who are small in the eyes of the world to discover new possibilities for their lives. Through a powerful combination of befriending, counselling, life-skills and employment training we release possibility in people’s lives. These early-stage nurturing projects can take 2-3 years to help remarkable, resilient people take hold of a more hope-filled future.

Our Spark Projects are bite-size, time-bound and achievable. They provide the encouragement, funds and training to help people turn their ideas into reality. The people we support with a Spark Project have been through our Next Generation Projects. Spark Projects help communities to go a stage further by making their poverty-fighting ideas a reality to make a better life for themselves and their families.

We’d like to introduce to you three groups of overlooked people who are looking to get their Spark Projects off the ground. They are people we have worked with for years, and who are ready to take the next step in their journey out of poverty and towards a life full of possibility.

The Fair-trading Farmers of Soroti

Local women in Uganda, who’ve known poverty and hunger, are setting up enterprises together to trade good quality local produce. Farming feeds their children, sends them to school and pays their medical bills. Our Next Generation Project in Uganda has helped these women make the most of their land. They want to sell their crops together, alongside trading seeds and produce, all at competitive prices for their local community! Canny buyers themselves, they know the best prices in the markets and by working together they know they can make the money in their pockets stretch further.

A few of The Fair-trading Farmers of Soroti.

We want to help them set up four trading enterprises in Soroti, renting space to store their produce safely, they will buy when prices are low and sell when the market goes up! With these poverty-fighting ventures they can trade fairly in their community and earn money to feed, clothe and send their children to school.

We are looking to raise £4,933 to get The Fair-trading Farmers of Soroti going on their 12 month Spark Project.

The Stylish Shopkeepers of Kinshasa

Exploited and abused, five strong minded women from Kinshasa, DRC, are ready to open new shops and re-define their future. These young women have all known poverty, some never knew their father, and some moved to the tough city of Kinshasa in the hope they could earn money. None of them had money for education, and they faced tough decisions to support themselves. Exploited by those they thought they could trust, they were trapped and struggled to change their circumstances. Through our Next Generation Project, these resilient women have now gained training as dressmakers and learnt their lives can have new possibilities. Since graduating they have been running their own small workshops from their homes. They have lived together and have journeyed together. They love sewing and want to open two new shops that inspire people to love sewing and dressmaking as much as they do whilst giving them the independence they want so much!

Needlework at our Next Generation Project in Kinshasa, DRC.

We want to help these five women launch two shops – providing start-up capital for sewing material and accessories alongside dressmaking workshops to help get them set up on their journey to providing for themselves.

We are looking to raise £3,388 to get The Stylish Shopkeepers of Kinshasa going on their 12 month Spark Project.

The Digitally Connected Families of El Alto

Two talented families in Bolivia, who’ve faced ill treatment, have set up small enterprises and are wanting to take their poverty-fighting ventures forward. Jhovana and Delia and their families have faced injustice and trauma. Determined that their children don’t face the same things, they’ve set up home-based businesses to provide for them. Jhovana is a baker, assisted by her daughter, and Delia makes handbags out of leather and cloth, assisted by her grandson. Local demand for both small businesses is growing, but they need help to reach more customers.

Delia at work creating a handbag.

We want to support these women and their families expand their businesses. These new ventures will be family-run, benefit from the power of social media and provide a fresh opportunity for the whole family.

We are looking to raise £3,400 to get The Digitally Connected Families of El Alto going on their 12 month Spark Project.

To find out more about each of our Spark Projects and how you can be the spark visit our website

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