Christian Aid Week

15th - 21st May

Whilst we are thinking so much of, and praying for the people of Ukraine, we must also remember people from all over the world whose lives are impacted on a fundamental, personal, day to day basis by climate change.

At St. Michael & All Angels we are supporting Christian Aid by inviting a speaker from that charity to talk at both our morning services, 9.00 and 11.00 am on Sunday 8th May. We will also have envelopes available in church prior to the visit, if you feel you would like to donate.

The focus of Christian Aid this year is on climate justice. In rural Zimbabwe making a living and feeding your family through farming is becoming almost impossible due to drought. Jessica Mwedzi is at the mercy of poverty, Covid-19, conflict and climate crisis. She says: “My children crave a good meal but I can’t provide. It pains me to send them to bed hungry.” Jessica often skips meals to share with her children what little food she has. For her, drought means every day is a struggle for survival. She works endlessly on her small farm but now nothing can grow on her ashen, dry land. The poverty of this situation is increased by the climate crisis and thus families and communities are driven into hunger. Jessica recalls:” One year, we had no rain. The scorching sun burnt my crops just as they were about to bloom. It was so painful and disheartening.”

Amazingly, Jessica has the courage not to give up. “My children give me the power to go ahead … I pray that they have a better future,” she says. As global poverty and climate injustice rise we all have the opportunity to stand with Jessica and offer hope and justice. A gift to Christian Aid could help her and other mothers like her to learn about and begin to grow drought resistant crops. Her dry, dusty land could be transformed into a garden abundant with food like tomatoes, beans and cucumbers. This would increase Jessica’s self esteem and independence and enable her to feed her children healthily for the first time in months. Your gift could also help her set up a water tap on her farm and encourage her to learn more about how to deal with the harsh climate and impoverished land on which she works.

Christian Aid has already helped more than 27,000 people in Zimbabwe but there is still much more to do. The funds that are raised will enable women to develop skills such that they can feed their families now and preserve and store food for the next season of severe drought.

This Christian Aid Week aims to help women like Jessica turn hunger into hope. To do this everyone in our church and community could play a part. Maybe you could:

  • Give generously to help women grow crops that survive the drought.

  • Act and raise your voice for justice. Maybe you could join our Loss and Damage campaign.

  • Pray that families will stay strong during the tough times of drought.

How your gift could help:

  • £5 would buy water taps for a community garden

  • £15 would buy drought resistant seeds like sorghum or millet

  • £60 would train 50 women farmers to adapt and grow food in the changing climate

  • £250 would build a storeroom for a family and provide seeds and fertilisers.

Every pound given, every prayer said and every action taken are expressions of Christian love and compassion. Together we can turn hunger into hope.

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