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Starts 20th October 2021 in Hughenden Church House.

What’s Alpha all about?

Alpha is a course where people can explore life’s big questions whilst learning more about Christianity, themselves and the group around them. It is great for people of all ages and backgrounds, with lifelong friendships often resulting from the shared experience.

Why is it for me?

You may know about Christmas and Easter but there is more than presents and chocolate eggs to the Christian Faith! An estimated 2 billion people worldwide follow the teachings of Jesus.

I don’t believe all that stuff but I do have some questions about life, especially at this time - would this help me?

Over the last 40 years, more than 24 million people have undertaken Alpha. They too often come with questions or with heavy hearts, finding the films and the group discussions very helpful. Whether or not they (or you) want to embrace the Christian faith at the end of the course is entirely a personal matter but our goal is to help you move forward positively for the rest of your life.

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